NewsLIGHT#6 | June 2016

Kick-Off for DuPont Premium Partnership

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Welcome to the latest edition of NewsLIGHT with news from the AZL partner companies and institutes. This edition is for the first time also available to subscribers outside of the AZL network. A special welcome to you!

Since its foundation, the AZL Network has grown steadily: Having started with 35 founding companies, the AZL today counts 70 AZL Partner Companies coming from 18 different countries, such as the USA, India, Japan, Korea, China, Mexico and several European countries. Find details on the AZL Partnership at our website.

At beginning of June, 150 representatives of the AZL network met at the Annual Partner Meeting to network and to define next year's projects, among others a Market and Technology Study on the growing Buildings and Infrastrutcure market. Discover some insights and impressions here.

Discover more news of the AZL projects as well as of our Partner Institutes and Companies in the below articles. Enjoy reading!

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News Ticker

++++ Open for Non-Partners: Market and Technology Study "Buildings and Infrastructure" will start in October ++++ 16 new AZL Partners since March 2016: A. Schulman, Aliancys, Engel, Euro-Composites, F.tech, Gremolith, Hexcel, Hyosung, Jindal Stainless, MaruHachi, Menzolit, Mitsui, Philips, Polynt, SKYi, SSDT ++++ CV Board now at Partner Section with more than 30 CVs of AZL Graduates ++++ Use the Dashboard of the Partner Section to distribute your news and request to the AZL Partners ++++ Joint Partner Project "Ultra-Fast Manufacturing of Tailored Composite Blanks" started in June with 12 Partner Companies ++++


Partner Company's News

The first Thermoplastic composite based energy efficient camp for U.S. Military was built with LiteTex®AXIA's thermoplastic composite system. More...

CPIC introduces its Premix Roving, a kind of roving with thermoplastic resin. To learn on the characteristics concerning strength, rigidity and weight allowing the usage in transportation and industrial consumables, read more.

Henkel opens the Composite Lab, a test center in Heidelberg to drive automotive light weighting. Read more.

KraussMaffei presents its wet molding technology allowing more cost-effective manufacturing of high-performance carbon elements in large quantities. More...

PPG announces its agreement for sale of European fiber glass operations to Nippon Electric Glass: More.

Read on Sabic's new Research Centre in Geleen, the acquisition of a majority stake in Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics B.V. and the JEC article on thermoplastic composite solutions, at this link.


Partner Institutes´ News

Fraunhofer IPT awarded with JEC Award for manufacturing and processing of tailored TP composite blanks and Henning Janssen new head of FRP department at IPT. More.

IKV opens Additive Manufacturing Center, enhances TPC Forming Center and acquired equipment for in-situ polymerization of TP matrix systems. Professor Menges was awarded honorary doctorate. Read more.

With Evonik, IKV evaluates the improved performance of TP composite tapes. Find out more.

ITA presents its weaving technologies for improved and cost efficient FRP-profiles, cutting technologies along the preforming process chain and an optimised and durable tool coating for pulbraiding process. More…

Fraunhofer ILT introduces contactless cutting of CFRP by lasers and joining technology for high performance hybrid automotive parts at this link.

SLA's multifunctional lightweight structures for satellites are presented here.


AZL´s News

3rd AZL Annual Partner Meeting 2016: Projects for next year defined
The Annual Partner Meeting in pictures

For the next year, AZL partners agreeded to start a 6-month Market and Technology Study on the growing Buildings and Infrastrutcure market. Furthermore, the AZL network will follow-up two Joint Partner Projects on New Designs for Low-Cost and Energy-Efficient Double-Belt Presses for Continuous Composite Manufacturing and on a Material and Processing Benchmark of Thermoplastic Tapes. Additional to these research and development projects, AZL Partners will start into joint Business Development activities. Partners find details at the AZL Partner Section.

AZL establishes a Workgroup on High-Performance SMC

AZL Market and Technology Study "Buildings and Infrastrutcure"

The study which is open for non-partner companies will comprise application analyses of 12 market segments, investigation of 100 applications, technology analyses of 25 highlight components and 10 detailed business cases. Besides requirement analyses for materials and production technologies, new concepts for efficient profitable production technologies are developed including cost engineering analysis. Please find more details on the study at this presentation or contact Dr. Michael Emonts.

New Schuler Composite Press System at AZL

At the new AZL machinery hall, AZL's Composite Press System with a table size of 1.8 m x 2.8 m and a tonnage of 1.800 tons is currently installed. The press system will be available for your pilot production by the end of 2016. Find details on the new composite press system here.

How Industry 4.0 affects the composite production landscape – AZL and partners engage in BMBF funded Industry 4.0 research project

In collaboration with Schuler and Siemens as well as more industrial partners, AZL and IKV address economic serial-production of components made of fibre-reinforced plastics through increased resource efficiency in “iComposite 4.0” – a research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Read more.

Visit first Business Platforms Website (Look & Feel Version)

As a service included in the AZL Partnership, the AZL is ramping-up Business Platforms for different lightweight topics. These websites present lightweight business of the AZL Patner Companies including services and products. The aim of these landing pages is to raise awareness and build trust in lighweight technologies and to offer an easy contact to established business partners. A look and feel version of the websites is availble for AZL Partners. Login data is available in the Partner Section.

Joint Partner Project "Ultra-Fast Manufacturing of Tailored Composite Blanks" started with 12 companies

In June, the 18-month Joint Partner Project started with the aim to develop a machine prototype for the feasibility of a novel manufacturing principle, which should be capable to produce tailored composite blanks in high volumes at medium investment cost. 12 AZL Partner Companies from seven countries are involved. Partners find details at the AZL Partner Section.

Update on Workgroups and Joint Partner Projects

Find the status-quo of AZL workgroups and projects at more.


AZL Meetings

Upcoming Workshops, Workgroup and Project Meetings, Web Conferences, Trade Shows

June 17th:   Web Conference | Market and Technology Study "Buildings and Infrastructure

June 29th:   Web Conference | Follow-Up Project “New Designs for Double-Belt Presses”

June 30th:   Workgroup Meeting | High-Performance SMC

July 5th:       Web Conference | Follow-Up Project “Thermoplastic Tapes”

Aug 25th:     Web Conference | Joint Partner Project "End-machining of FRP"

Sept. 14th:   Workgroup Meeting | High-Speed RTM Matrices

Sept. 14th:   Final Workshop | Business Partners

Sept. 15th:   Workgroup Meeting | Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites

Nov. 23rd:    Workgroup Meeting | Pipes and Vessels


Highlight Conferences and Seminars

New for AZL Partners: Find an overview of upcoming conferences and seminars of the AZL Partner Institutes at the AZL Partner Section.

Symposium "Foam Injection Moulding – Microcellular Structure, Macroeconomic Success"
September 14th - 15th, 2016

The conference focuses on the lightweight construction potential of foam injection moulding by addressing the technologies and the perspectives. This event offers the opportunity to both discuss recent and future developments with technology leaders and exchange experiences with leading manufacturers. More information.

Aachen Body Engineering Days 2016
September 20th and 21st, 2016

The international conference "Aachen Body Engineering Days! at ika of RWTH Aachen University is a well established meeting point for body engineering, material and manufacturing technology experts. The conference offers the opportunity for exchange about recent and future developments. www.aachener-karosserietage.de
Click here for the program.

Glass Fiber Symposium in Aachen, Germany
October 17th - 19th, 2016

The high demand of glass fibres induced ITA and GHI to conduct the 3rd International Glass Fiber Symposium in October 2016 in Aachen, Germany. The conference’s aim is to build a bridge from the manufacturing to the composite material users covering every intermediate step. Click here for more information