Pressure Vessels

With our technology know-how, simulation methods and production capabilities, we analyse the opportunities for your materials and products.

Trends and Design Factors for Hydrogen Pressure Vessels

AZL Joint Partner Project

Kick-Off: 21st September, 2023

Key objectives:

  • Provide market & industry insights
  • Identification of hidden business potentials
  • Share regulatory, standards & IP landscape info
  • Present latest design, materials & manufacturing state of the art
  • Create reference designs for evaluating KPIs

What you‘ll get:

  • Discover trends in markets & technologies
  • Understand value chain: materials, equipment, components, testing & development services
  • Gain insights on design parameter impacts on KPIs using FEA analysis
  • Evaluate reference designs to assess material, liner design, manufacturing methods, boss design & integration influence on vessel performance, cost & CO2 footprint
  • Network with potential partners & customers at events
Download the flyer with the key facts on the Joint Partner Project “Trends and Design Factors for Hydrogen Pressure Vessels”

Pressure Vessel Design and Prototyping

AZL Engineering Service

  • Design, prototype-production and testing of thermoset carbon fibre type IV pressure vessels including the boss design
  • Projects on efficient winding of towpregs and testing of NOL rings
  • Cost analysis on different production routes for composite pressure vessels
  • Market & Technology analysis

How it works – Hydrogen pressure vessel design:

  • Selection of a liner
  • Selection of towpreg
  • Boss design
  • Design of a winding pattern for a nominal operating pressure of 350 or 700 bar
  • CAE analysis for burst pressure with regulatory safty margins
  • Material data will be used as provided or estimated from micro-mechanics and experience
  • Benchmarking of different manufacturing routes

Optional Services:

  • Production and testing of NOL rings
  • Procurement of liner, towpreg and boss parts
  • Automated winding and curing of prototype parts
  • Burst pressure testing
  • Comparative cost and CO2-impact analysis
Pressure Vessel Design and Prototyping Download the flyer on Pressure Vessel Design and Prototyping