Office at RWTH Aachen Campus

Your direct access to the high-tech ecosystem

The AZL is located in the middle of one of the largest high-tech ecosystems in Europe, the RWTH Aachen Campus. AZL Premium Partners benefit from direct access to this unique community and innovation infrastructure with an own office at the AZL Lightweight Partners Hub.

Your benefits

  • With direct access to the more than 260 institutes on the RWTH Aachen University campus, you can make innovative and competitive technologies available to your company – in the field of lightweight construction and beyond.
  • More than 360 companies are involved as members on the campus – this enables you to network with companies across industries and technologies.
  • In daily and personal contact with researchers from universities and industry, you will benefit from the results of public research projects and will be perceived and involved as a project partner.
  • With an office you create a representative and innovative company presence.

Polytec is one of AZL’s Premium Partner companies with offices in the AZL Lightweight Partners Hub. Christian Beste, Innovation Manager at POLYTEC Group, has been using his campus office since mid-2019 to identify innovations for Polytec and introduce them throughout the company:

The Campus Office at the AZL Lightweight Partners Hub

  • Located in the AZL Lightweight Partners Hub in the cluster building Production Technology
  • Fully equipped office with infrastructure for 2 employees (16 m2, telephone and internet connection)
  • Use of meeting rooms and co-working space
  • Support in the identification of suitable candidates as employees for your co-location from the RWTH graduate pool

The RWTH Aachen Campus – Research and Industry shoulder to shoulder

  • RWTH Aachen University is one of the leading technical universities in Europe – and has been since 1870.
  • RWTH Aachen University is renowned worldwide for production technology and mechanical engineering.
  • The RWTH Aachen Campus covers an additional area of 800,000 m², where business and science work and research in interdisciplinary clusters. More than 360 companies are already involved as member companies.
  • Six of these interdisciplinary clusters with more than 30 centers already exist. Their topics are: Bio-medical technology, sustainable energy, photonics, production engineering, heavy-duty drives and intelligent logistics. In the next few years, 10 more of these clusters will be created
Cluster at the RWTH Aachen Campus, Copyright: Campus GmbH/Steindl

Expertise/ background in:

Production and development of composite parts
Materials: thermoset and thermoplastic resins, continuous fiber composites, metals and plastic-metal hybrids
Process: prepreg, autoclave, resin infusion, RTM, milling, tooling, joining, quality assurance
Design: CAD design and design to process
Networking: Matchmaking with academic and industrial partners

I will support you in:

  • Process selection, evaluation and implementation
  • Evaluation and benchmarking of solutions
  • Identification of applications
  • Benchmarking with market companions state of the art solutions
  • Identification and elimination of pain points
  • Connect with the right partners for industrial implementation