As a service provider partnering with you in the field of lightweight production technology, AZL also brings university and industry together profitably when you are looking for new staff.
Secure your competitive advantage and efficiency through direct access to our pool of qualified young researchers, consisting of graduates from RWTH Aachen University who are always abreast of new scientific and technological trends and developments in the field of lightweight production:

  • Students who are just about to graduate
  • Material, process and design engineers
  • Postgraduate engineers

We also support you in your search for trainees or working students.

Work with us to find new, highly qualified staff for your company in the areas of:

  • Design, modelling and simulation of fibre-reinforced plastics
  • Process development for thermoset FRP
  • Process development thermoplastic FRP
  • Development of mould processing equipment/tools
  • Machine tools
  • Handling and automation technology
  • Laser technology (cutting, joining, surface functionalisation)
  • Quality assurance and quality management
  • Technology and production management

AZL is your partner for strategic human resources marketing in the field of lightweight production technology. We support you in your search for skilled experts direct from the technical university.

Contact us and place your job advert on our Job board.

This service is provided exclusively to AZL partner companies.