NewsLIGHT#14 | July 2019

Welcome to our 14th edition of NewsLIGHT- the newsletter from the AZL Lightweight Community.

In this edition, we introduce to you our new Partnership Model: The Business+ Partnership. We are proud to also report about our successful projects aiming at developing new production technologies: The winner of the JEC Innovation Award 2019: “Ultra-Fast Manufacturing for Composite Tailored Blanks” and “New Designs for Double-Belt Presses”, as well as two new projects and two studies which will start within the next months and are open to join. We are also looking back to an inspiring Annual Partner Meeting 2019, the insights of this full-house event will be covered in this edition as well.

Enjoy reading the news from our Partner Companies, Partner Institutes and our joint Partner Network Activities.

Dr. Michael Emonts, Dr. Kai Fischer, Dr. Michael Effing


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Partner Company's News

A recent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has found Covestro’s continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites under the Maezio™ brand can significantly reduce carbon footprint compared to aluminum-magnesium alloy for laptop applications [...] More...

DSM has developed Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) unidirectional tapes (UD tapes). These materials are up to 70% lighter than metals but equally strong and could be the key building blocks of the car of the future. More...

EconCore has signed a license agreement with a leading non-woven manufacturer. The scope of the license agreement addresses a wider range of applications that require improved cost-efficiency, light-weighting and additional functionalization, such as acoustic absorption. More...

Increasing the performance and cost-effectiveness of high-tech lightweight construction components is a daily challenge for CCP Gransden. In order to secure its pole position in the trending topic of thermoplastic composites, the company near Belfast in Northern Ireland invested in a v-duo press by ENGEL. More...

In order to be prepared for future requirements in the field of data processing, GRP is developing a completely new architecture with the "Smart Data Core". Manufacturing Execution systems still work today in interaction with relational databases. More...

Hille launches the i.DAVE IoT Platform – powered by engidesk – to allow its customers to rapidly, cost-effectively and securely leverage the benefits of the Internet of Things. Future-proof your business by accessing your most valuable insights in one place. More...

As a refinement of organosheets, HUESKER developed the W8SVR Neolaminate, which is a continuous-fibre-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) composite which achieves the same strength and stiffness as existing solutions while being up to 20% lighter. More...

In partnership with Airborne and with new applications using UDMAX™ unidirectional, fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite tape, SABIC has achieved important milestones with its cutting-edge Digital Composites Manufacturing line. More...

With great success, SimpaTec invited to its last year event series MiDay (Molding Innovation Day). More than 200 interested participants accepted the invitation – SimpaTec once again invites all persons interested in injection molding to discuss and develop innovations [...] More...

Honeycomb Cores for All Industries - Polypropylene honeycomb cores made by ThermHex Waben GmbH are omnipresent. Due to the unique in-line production process, a cost-efficient production is enabled and the honeycomb cores expand internationally from one application to another. More...


Partner Institutes´ News

In recent years there has been a sharp increase in demand for lighter components for applications in mobility and transport in response to the need to save weight, and energy and resources. Hybrid components made of steel, locally functionalized with fiber-reinforced plastics combine high mechanical performance with low weight. More...

Collaborative production environments can be considered as an enabler for more flexible FRP fabrication – especially for SMEs. In the course of the CORNET project CompositesReloaded, a first collaborative process was implemented. More...


AZL´s News

The AZL thanks all participants for a successful 6th AZL Annual Partner Meeting on 4th and 5th June, 2019

The AZL thanks all participants for a successful 6th Annual Partner Meeting - On June 4th and 5th, 2019 the AZL Annual Partner Meeting took place. This year, for the 6th meeting already, 140 representatives of the 80 Partner Companies from 20 different countries came together to define topics and activities for the coming year. More...

AZL Starting Activities - investigating amongst others the Next Generation Mobility Solutions and Artificial Intelligence in Design and Manufacturing - The AZL is starting two Studies and two Consortial Projects after releasing the topics at the Annual Partner Meeting. More...

AZL took part in the African Advanced Manufacturing & Composites Show

JEC Innovation Award Winner "Ultra-Fast Consolidator Machine" - AZL's new machine system won the JEC World Innovation Award 2019 in the category "Industry & Equipment. The innovative machine system is a result of an 18-months AZL Joint Partner Project. It offers both high flexibility and mass production of tailored thermoplastic laminates with reduced scrap. More...

Two AZL projects will successfully be finished this year - “New Designs for Low-Cost and Energy-Efficient Double-Belt Presses” and “iComposite 4.0 – Development of an integrative and selfregulating production system for structural composite parts” - In the first project phase of AZL’s Joint Partner Project “New Designs for Low-Cost and Energy-Efficient Double-Belt Presses”, the AZL, together with seven partner companies, developed a prototype for proof-of-principle of a novel cost and energy-efficient double-belt press system for the continuous production of composite sheets. More...

AZL launched their new Partnership Model: Business+ Partnership

 AZL launched their new Partnership Model: Business+ Partnership - The Business+ Partnership includes a Voucher-Concept to speed-up and simplify the start of individual projects. More...

JEC and AZL renew their Cooperation lasting since 2015

AZL's Lightweight Partners Office Hub: The new hotspot for events and networking - Since the completion of the new cluster building and the move of the AZL Aachen GmbH into the new business rooms, the AZL Open Space area enjoys great popularity [...] More...

AZL goes Shanghai

AZL goes Shanghai - The AZL will be visiting China Composites Expo in Shanghai to report  news and technologies from China to the AZL Partners and to meet valuable contacts for the AZL Network [...] More...

AZL and Composites World partner for expanded global Reach of Composite News

CompositesWorld will be publishing selected NewsLIGHT stories through its website and e-newsletters. These stories will link back to AZL and provide a portal for CW’s readers worldwide to learn more about our network and member companies. 

AZL partners can subscribe to CW newsletters free of charge at www.compositesworld.com/sub/newsletter

We look forward to increasing global awareness and networking for continued advancement in lightweight composites technologies.


Update on AZL Partnership Activities

In the framework of the AZL Partnership, the more than 80 AZL Partner Companies and 9 AZL Partner Institutes work closely together in joint R&D and business development initiatives.  Find the status-quo of the five AZL Workgroups as well as running projects and studies below.

What happened in the 5 AZL Industrial Workgroups?

5 AZL Workgroups meet every six months for technology- and product-related networking and initiation and definition of lightweight projects and initiatives involving composite industry and academia. Get your update here.

What happened in AZL Joint Partner Projects and Studies?

3 running Joint Partner Projects and 2 running Joint Market &Technology Studies allow participating companies cost sharing for pre-competetive R&D and market and technology analysis. Get your update on Joint Partner Projects and Joint Market and Technology Studies.


Upcoming AZL Meetings

Workgroup and Project Meetings | Matchmaking Events


Sep 24th:
9th Workgroup Meeting | Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites

Sep 25th:
9th Workgroup Meeting  | Composite Pipes and Vessels

Oct 8th:
8th Workgroup Meeting  | High-Performance SMC

Oct 9th:
8th Workgroup Meeting  | Advanced Thermoset Production

Nov 12th:
4th Workgroup Meeting  | Composites in Buildings & Infrastructure


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Highlight Conferences and Seminars

AZL Partners: Find an overview of all upcoming conferences and seminars of the AZL Partner Institutes at the AZL Partner Section.

Aachen Body Engineering Days 2019

On 17 and 18 September, the Aachen Body Engineering Days 2019 will take place at the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) of RWTH Aachen University. For experts in the field of car body development, material and production technologies, the international event is an established forum for professional exchange. A focus of this year’s conference is on e-mobility, including presentations from car manufacturers, suppliers and research institutes introducing the latest developments.

More details & Registration

Development and production of thermoplastic UD-Tape based high performance FRP components - The symposium will present challenges, developments and solutions along the value chain of UD-tape based components. Topics such as UD-tape production, UD-tape post-processing (e.g. tape laying and winding processes), forming and functionalization of UD-tape based laminates as well as possible applications will be discussed. Researchers, material suppliers, processors, machine manufacture and end user have the opportunity to inform themselves about material developments, suitable machine equipment and new use cases as well as current research activities and discuss the presented solutions with experts.

More Details & Registration