HTC Workgroup Meeting @MPG’s Facilities in Luxembourg

The last „Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites“ workgroup, which took place in the beginning of June, visited the Molecular Plasma Group in Luxembourg. It was the first AZL Workgroup Meeting outside of the typical AZL Office Hub which gave the participants a chance to visit the facilities of another AZL partner and get insights in their technology.

The focus topics of the workgroup were recycling, processing and surface treatment as well as UD tapes. On these subjects interesting presentations were given by:

  • Kevin Braun | Molecular Plasma Group | Molecular Plasma – Sustainable Surface Functionalization for Tailgate Bonding
  • Per Sörensen | Heraeus Noblelight GmbH | Heating solutions for processing of thermoplastic materials
  • Christos Karatzias | Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH | Combining structural performance with visible carbon fiber design aesthetics through the use of PP-based thermoplastic composites
  • Jacob Goerzen | A+ Composites GmbH | 100% recyclable injection molding solution using a small amount of UD tape
  • André Utgenannt | DOMO Engineering Plastics | Sustainable Polyamid Solutions with up to 100% recycled content for Structural Applications and Lightweighting in Automotive

Kevin Braun’s presentation prepared the consortium for the live demo in MPG’s production hall, which followed after the networking lunch.

With the live demonstration of the plasma equipment, the participants had the opportunity to gain insights into MPG’s technology, which is for example used in automotive tailgate bonding.

Many thanks to Kevin Braun and Molecular Plasma Group in Luxembourg for opening the doors and creating a memorable workgroup meeting.

You would like to learn more about MPG and their technology? Visit their website or contact Kevin Braun directly.

The format of workgroup meetings outside the AZL Hub will be continued in the future. If you would like to host a workgroup at your facilities, please feel free to reach out to the AZL team.

The next HTC meeting will take place on November 21st, 2023. More important dates and an overview of activities for the upcoming year can be found in this article.

Molecular Plasma Group SA
Kevin Braun
Sales Manager
Phone: +352 621 691 859

AZL Aachen GmbH
Alexander Knauff
Team Lead Business Development & Marketing
Phone: +49 (0)241 475735-16

Expertise/ background in:

Production and development of composite parts
Materials: thermoset and thermoplastic resins, continuous fiber composites, metals and plastic-metal hybrids
Process: prepreg, autoclave, resin infusion, RTM, milling, tooling, joining, quality assurance
Design: CAD design and design to process
Networking: Matchmaking with academic and industrial partners

I will support you in:

  • Process selection, evaluation and implementation
  • Evaluation and benchmarking of solutions
  • Identification of applications
  • Benchmarking with market companions state of the art solutions
  • Identification and elimination of pain points
  • Connect with the right partners for industrial implementation