1 April 2022 News AZL Admin

That is the question that we at AZL have asked ourselves in order to identify the new starting projects of the year.

AZL is currently defining the next topics for projects & initiatives starting in summer 2022. We identify & push market relevant topics questioning the state-of-the-art to bring the composite & lightweight industry forward. So, with that in mind the AZL team is preparing the content and work packages including project offers for a few selected key topics on which we want to focus on.

From bio-based materials, battery casings and bicycles to tailgate, we will have a broad range of topics to join:

  • Cell-to-Pack Concept Study
  • Market and Technology Study Bicycle
  • Tailgate Concept study
  • Follow-up Ultra-fast – In-line quality control

One of these already sounds interesting to you? Feel free to get in touch with Philipp Fröhlig to get a preview of the content included. We would also like to involve your feedback. Do you see other market relevant key topics that you would like to push forward?

We of course are also open for any bilateral initiatives, so you are always invited to pick up the topic to discuss your individual needs and demands.

Philipp Fröhlig 
Senior Project Manager
Phone: +49 241 475 735 14
Mobile: +49 176 804 887 99