Thermoplastic Tapes in Injection Molded Parts

31 August 2018 Allgemein, News AZL Admin

How do thermoplastic tapes reduce costs and increase performance of injection molded parts?

During Fakuma 2018, AZL and IKV are starting a new Joint Market and Technology Study “Potentials and Challenges of Thermoplastic Tapes for SME Injection Molders” which will support the understanding of thermoplastic tapes in the injection molders base and will systematically identify potentials for thermoplastic tapes in injection molding.

Thermoplastic tapes enable new and innovative design and improved properties for injection molded parts: As local reinforcements, tapes allow for increased stiffening, cost savings, higher surface hardness or enhanced optics. Small and medium-sized injection molders in particular can achieve great advantages from tapes. Yet the high number of injection molding companies in Germany and other countries makes rare use of thermoplastic tapes and their potential.

The study is addressing this need to increase the use of tapes in injection molding. With a systematic identification of suitable applications and background on development and manufacturing processes, the study is supporting SME injection molders to make use of the potential of thermoplastic tapes. Tape manufactures and machine and tool builders on the other hand will get in contact to potentially new customers and will get insights in their requirements and pitfalls in using thermoplastic tapes in their processes.

Keyfacts of the study:

  • Reaching out and understanding the SME injection molders base
  • Systematic identification of potentials for thermoplastic tapes in injection molding
  • Provide an extensive documentation of the state of the art methodologies and technologies for the development and the production of parts

Systematic Procedure in 6 Months

The 6-months study will start with an overview on the status at typical injection molders evaluating their know-how in thermoplastic composites, barriers chances and risks as well as their typical innovation process. These insights will be derived from expert interviews as well as visits. In a second phase, the technology experts will identify application potentials in a systematic procedure: Advantages and challenges of hybrid thermoplastic composites compared to conventional plastics will be identified and applications will be clustered and benchmarked. The study will conclude with recommendations for actions: Business cases for hybrid thermoplastic parts will give concrete examples for parts. Recommendation for action to overcome technical and organizational barriers will be given together with a practical guide including guidelines for project initiation, design, manufacturing and planning.

In mobilizing the injection molding and composite community the AZL and IKV draw on their strong networks of more than 370 companies in total covering the entire value chain from material suppliers and system and tool manufactures, over molders to OEMs. The AZL and IKV both have a strong background in developing a market overview and a profound technological insight into composite processes, materials and applications. Being one of the largest plastics institutes, the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and the Skilled Crafts at RWTH Aachen University is an innovation driver and research partner having many years of experience in all areas of plastics technology. The Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production (AZL) of RWTH Aachen University is specialized in research on integrated and combined process chains for multi-material systems.

SME injection molders, tape manufactures and compounders, machine and tool builder and engineering providers as well as OEMs and Tier 1s are invited to join the study which will start on October 18th, 2018 during Fakuma in Friedrichshafen.

More details:

» Download of study description with options to join

» Registration for Kick-Off Meeting on October 18th, 2018


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