September 29th, 2020

In the compact and digital format “Lightweight TechTalk “, the AZL offers a platform for technology and market insights and for networking in the field of lightweight production in a 6 week rhythm.

Technology insights:

Further information will be released soon.

Networking opportunities

  • Use participants profile to identify relevant contacts
  • In the personal chat and with contact information from the participant profile you can get in touch directly*

*Every participant can of course choose whether or not to share the information in his or her profile during registration.

Agenda and details for download

Further information will be released soon.

Previous Lightweight TechTalk’s:

May 28th, 2020:

Topic: Design Methodology for Multi-Material Lightweight Components
Number of Participations: 105

  • Warden Schijve | Sabic | Design with thermoplastic composites from materialproducer‘s perspective
  • Jonathan Spree | Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering of RWTH Aachen University | Modell-based system engineering
  • André Wilkes | Rafinex | Design from material producer‘s perspective

Download the presentations of the the Lightweight TechTalk “Design Methodology for Multi-Material Lightweight Components” here.

July 9th, 2020:

Topic: Composites and Additive Manufacturing
Number of Participations: 175

  • Jeff Sloan | Composites World | News radar on composites and additive manufacturing
  • David Hauber | Trelleborg | Additive Manufacturing with carbon fiber composites
  • Riley Reese | ARRIS Composites | Convergence of composites and high volume manufacturing, delivering next gen consumer and vehicle structures
  • Cole Nielsen | Orbital Composites | Mars and the self-replicating machines
  • Kamran Samaie | Conbility | New table based machine system for additive tape placement with laser assisted in situ consolidation