July 9th, 2020 17:00 – 18:15 (CEST)

In the compact and digital format “Lightweight TechTalk “, the AZL offers a platform for technology and market insights and for networking in the field of lightweight production in a 6 week rhythm.

Technology insights:

  • News radar on composites and additive manufacturing, Jeff Sloan | Composites World
  • Additive Manufacturing with carbon fiber composites, David Hauber | Trelleborg
  • Convergence of composites and high volume manufacturing, delivering next gen consumer and vehicle structures, Riley Reese | ARRIS Composites
  • Mars and the self-replicating machines, Cole Nielsen | Orbital Composites
  • New table based machine system for additive tape placement with laser assisted in situ consolidation, Kamran Samaie | Conbility

Networking opportunities

  • Use participants profile to identify relevant contacts
  • In the personal chat and with contact information from the participant profile you can get in touch directly*

*Every participant can of course choose whether or not to share the information in his or her profile during registration.

Agenda and details for download



Previous Lightweight TechTalk’s:

May 28th, 2020:

Topic: Design Methodology for Multi-Material Lightweight Components
Number of Participations: 105

  • Warden Schijve | Sabic | Design with thermoplastic composites from materialproducer‘s perspective
  • Jonathan Spree | Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering of RWTH Aachen University | Modell-based system engineering
  • André Wilkes | Rafinex | Design from material producer‘s perspective

Download the presentations of the the Lightweight TechTalk “Design Methodology for Multi-Material Lightweight Components” here.