Follow-Up Workshop “Joining”

Time and Venue

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015
10:00h – 15:00h

RWTH – Aachen University
Welding and Joining Institute
Pontstrasse 49, D-52062 Aachen
Room „Kolpinghaus“


Short description of the workshop

Initial situation

Joining technology is one of the key enablers for the large scale use of FRP. Due to the material-specific properties of fiber-reinforced plastics, joining is a major challenge. Joining technologies currently used have different disadvantages due to their process characteristic. A consequence is the suboptimal utilization of the potential of fiber-reinforced plastics. At this point there is still great potential for the improvement and development of joining

Scope of the workshop

In the first workshop “Joining” an overview was given over state-of-the-art joining processes for fiber-reinforced plastics and multi-material-joints and their advantages and disadvantages were shown.
This upcoming workshop will give a more application-oriented view on FRP and FRP-metal joining processes in industrial applications. The second part of the workshop will address the aspect of quality control, either during the production process or during the usage of joint parts.

Structure of the workshop

    • Key presentations of industry representatives to give a practical insight how different joining technologies for FRP are used in today´s production
    • Presentation of AZL partner institutes to show current research work within the field of quality control of the adhesive bonding process and health monitoring of joined parts
    • Coming from the current state of joining FRP and FRP-metal parts in today´s production, industrial needs will be concluded and necessary research projects should be defined.

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