Annual Partner Meeting 2015

Annual Partner Meeting 2015

The Annual Partner Meeting is one of the most important meetings of the AZL Partner Network.

Time and Venue

Thursday, July 02nd, 2015

Aachen, forum M
Buchkremerstraße 1-7, 52062 Aachen



Last year about 100 AZL partners have met at the Annual Partner Meeting. Also for this year, we are organizing a full-day meeting to present and discuss the activities and innovations within the network and to define next year’s activities. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to network with the network of AZL partner companies and institutes.

  • Learn on the last year’s AZL ACTIVITIES!
  • Hear about INNOVATIONS of AZL Partner Institutes and Companies!
  • DEFINE workshop topics, joint projects and strategic research topics!
  • NETWORK with the AZL Partners!



To define the next AZL Year and benefit from the AZL Network please note these important informations:

  • REGISTER for the Annual Partner Meeting and the Evening Event by June 3rd through the link or e-mail contact below.
  • Give us your FEEDBACK! Please fill in the Partnership Survey (Sent to all partners via e-mail) to help us prepare the upcoming Annual Partner Meeting and to further improve our partnership services.
  • Send us the title and abstract of your “SPEED DATING PRESENTATION” by June 3rd.

For your registration, please click here to log in to the partner section or write an e-mail to