Ultra-Fast Manufacturing of Tailored Composite Blanks: Successful Development and Evaluation of the Machine Prototype and the Tape Processing with in-situ Consolidation

27 August 2018 Allgemein, News AZL Admin

The AZL together with 12 Partner Companies completed a Joint R&D Partner Project to develop a new machine prototype allowing the ultra-fast manufacturing of tailored composite blanks. The follow-up project will start on October 10th, 2018.

To increase resource-efficiency in the production of continuous fiber-reinforced plastics, the processing of scrap-optimized blanks with defined fiber alignment (“tailored composite blanks”) on basis of unidirectional semi-finished products (thermoplastic tapes, tow-pregs or dry-fibres) offers high potential compared to textile-based pre-products. Nonetheless, today’s production systems for the manufacturing of tailored composite blanks are limited in throughput per system.

The AZL therefore conducted the Joint Partner Project “Ultra-Fast Manufacturing of Tailored Composite Blanks” developing a novel manufacturing principle to produce tailored composite blanks in seconds at medium investment cost and enfolded the process “from the idea to a prototype machine”. The consortium of the project consists of 12 AZL Partner Companies coming from seven countries: Conbility, Covestro, Engel, Evonik, Fagor Arrasate, Faurecia, Laserline, Mitsui, Mubea Carbo Tech, Philips, SSDT and Toyota. Within the 18 months project, the AZL, and the participating companies, were able to complete the benchmark of state-of-the-art machines, a patent analysis, and subsequently the development of concepts and designs to the build the prototype machine with its proof of concept.

With the implementing of the prototype machine, the initial joint partner project is now completed. The partners decided already to continue the joint research with a follow-up project which comprises the prototype upgrade and optimization for advanced material and processing studies as well as extensive material and processing studies for demonstration of wide applicability of novel machine concept. The project will be kicked off on October 10th, 2018. AZL Partner Companies interested to join, can contact:

Dr. Michael Emonts
Tel: +49 241 80 24 500
Mobil: +49 172 7207681