AZL is addressing the material selection in SMC, injection molding with tapes, non-destructive in-line measurement and multi-model and multi-material systems in 2020

13 January 2020 News AZL Admin

The AZL team is already working on the content for the starting projects in 2020.

Four new projects will be starting in the first half of the year: A Follow-Up Project of the accomplished project for “Thermoplastic Tapes for SME Injection Molders” with 20 participating companies, a benchmark on selected “Inline Measurement Systems”, “Marketing and Development Tool: Creating higher-level system models for efficient calculation of KPIs” and the project “Harmonized data acquisition of SMC-properties”.

Thermoplastic Tapes for SME Injection Molders

After the successful completion of the initial project, the AZL, IKV and the consortium saw the need and benefit for a follow-up of the project to further develop the results. With a “Technology Information Day” at the K2019 trade fair, the AZL invited the consortium as well as external participants to discuss the results and to investigate and assess the needs and potentials. On the basis of the discussions, the latest developments and experience, the AZL and the IKV will publish a trend report within the next months. Furthermore, a project initiative for the identification of relevant injection molded parts with a potential for weight and cost savings is prepared.

The AZL and IKV will introduce this project in a meeting in May 2020. The meeting will act as the start of the project and will include a discussion of injection molded parts with the highest potential for cost reduction and improvement by tapes. We are looking forward to the results and the definition of the follow-up project.

Non-Destructive In line Measurement

The follow-up project aims to test, compare and evaluate different high potential sensor systems for non-destructive in-line measurement of predefined top-quality criteria in thermoplastic composite sheet and tape production. The basis of the project is a previous comprehensive theoretical analysis of numerous measurement systems by AZL. The relevant measurement parameters were defined in close coordination with industrial partners. Four work packages will be included in the project which will address the definition of the test plan, practical investigations, evaluation of the results and lastly the concepts for sensor combinations. The AZL is currently working on the specifications for the 6- month project which will kick off in the beginning of 2020.

“Marketing and Development Tool: Creating higher-level system models for efficient calculation of KPIs”

The project is addressing the challenges of document-based isolated optimization with model-based systems engineering (MBSE) as a solving approach for designing multi-material systems. Three work packages will be included which will comprise the definition of the requirements and preliminary concepts, the set-up of the process and system model, as well as the demonstration of the procedure with a case-study of a battery housing. The project will conclude with the presentation and the discussion of results of suitable aspects for further investigation and will provide a system model for the battery housings. The benefits of a model-based approach will conclusively be shown.

The project will foreseeably kick off in the beginning of 2020 and has a duration of 6 months.

Harmonized data acquisition of SMC-properties

The project concluded from the AZL Workgroup “High-Performance SMC” in which the AZL is aiming for providing a structural approach for providing engineering data for SMC. The process is now being extended into a Joint Partner Project, which is open to join, and which will test, adapt and further develop the data, material properties and characterization methodology.

The 6-month project will kick of in the beginning of 2020 and is open to join.

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