Second Report Meeting of the Buildings and Infrastructure Study

6 July 2017 News, Veranstaltungen AZL Admin

Yesterday, the second report meeting of the AZL Buildings and Infrastructure Study took place with more than 35 participants inside and outside the AZL network. The Joint Market and Technology Study on “New Potentials for Composite Technologies in Buildings & Infrastructure” started in November 2016. This 6-month study focusses on the growing markets “Buildings and Infrastructure” and identifies new business opportunities for composites.

At yesterday’s 2nd Report Meeting of the AZL Buildings and Infrastructure Study, the participants chose 10 high-potential applications out of the 25 composite applications.

At the meeting, the study participants received detailed information on the process chain for the production of the 25 high-potential applications which were chosen out of 400 proposed composite applications in the first report meeting in March.

In two workshop sessions, the participants got presentations of a detailed market and technology analysis of the 25 selected components and afterwards had the chance to discuss with the researchers in charge in small groups. The meeting finished with a voting session.

The overall study aims at answering the following questions: What kinds of applications are existing? Which components, materials and production technologies are used today? How big is the economic potential? Who are the key-players and how are the value chains structured? What kind of demands and barriers can be derived? Which developments and scenarios are promising to overcome the technological and economical barriers?

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