Cost analysis and process chain models – the AZL is presenting their new format of Product Cost Benchmarking

2 December 2019 News AZL Admin

The AZL is relaunching their “Composite Business Cases” in a new format to strengthen their support for business development as a service that is offered within the AZL Partnership. The Composite Business Cases were originally an element that the AZL offered to their business and premium partners to have the opportunity to take an active part in discussing a selection of components and technologies, development of background information on the component, technology and corresponding market information, the development of a process chain model for cost analysis as well as analysis of this process chain model. The service was offered as web conferences in which various business cases were presented, analyzed and discussed. Smart facts resulting from literature research and expert interviews were included as well.

The AZL is now expanding the web conferences to in-person meetings at the Lightweight Partners Office Hub in Aachen, to furthermore provide the possibility for exchange of expertise and the involvement of all partners. We are looking forward to a fruitful new format of our Business Cases, which will now be being referred to as Product Cost Benchmarking.

If you have any suggestions or remarks for future business cases that you would like to be analyzed please contact us directly:

Markus Breiing, Group Manager at AZL of RWTH Aachen University
Phone: +49 241 8024-522