SINTEX NP Group guides the aeronautics OEM in the selection process for thermoplastic composite application that are worth the investment | NewsLIGHT #15 | Sintex NP Group

For decades, the aeronautic industry has been looking for technologies that can bring cost or mass reductions. But now the challenge is not only to meet these requirements, but is also to increase the rates and decrease the global environmental impact.

The high-performance thermoplastic composites (PAEK/Carbon, PPS/Carbon or Glass, …) are then spreading to a wide range of applications, but are only worth if designed, manufactured and introduced in the right way.

As an example, studies have shown that some metallic aeronautic class-2 parts can be optimized by thermoplastic composite with a 20% mass reduction or a 35% cost reduction, but are most of the times not engaged by OEM as the ROI are not fast enough.

Considering this economic issue, the SINTEX NP Group is providing different services to guide the OEM in the selection and the design process in order to give them the opportunity to identify the parts that are worth the investment.

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However, our uses of composites are not limited to the most common thermoplastic brackets, as we are developing a hybrid process that aim to functionalize as much as possible to reduce the assembly cost and time. Stiffeners, compartments, metallic insert, specific coating, … could then be introduced with low to no compromises on cost and mass reduction.

SINTEX NP Group is providing solutions for the global market

Given the high number of potential applications (which are not limited to the aeronautic market) and the incoming increasing production rates, the North American and The European regions are both area of interest for our industry, which has to address a strong demand for such a technology.