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Sino Polymer was established in 1958, backed up by the ECUST (East China University of Science&Technology) and was restructured to a subsidiary of Shanghai Huayi Group (former Shanghai Chemical Industry Bureau) as a private enterprise with mixed ownership.

After 61 years of development, now it has a chemical plant covering an area of 84,000 m2 in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (top of the Chinese Chemical Park Ranking) and 5 licensee plants in Malaysia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Australia and India with the total capacity of 180,000 tons (30,000 tons of high-tech epoxy resin, 40,000 tons of vinyl ester resin, 90,000 tons of special unsaturated polyester and other new materials such as polyester, coating, ion exchange resin, polysulfone & other thermoplastic resin etc.) severing both Chinese and International market in composites, petroleum, chemical, water treatment, mining, chlor-alkali, marine, wind power, building & construction, transportation industries etc.

Recently, it has agreed to set up a JV company (Shanghai Lille New Material Technology Co., Ltd.) in its facility of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park with a France headquartered group company – Mäder Group, aiming to bring the latest coating technology and products to China from Europe. There are 3 more Germany headquartered companies in discussion of their China localization possibilities with Sino Polymer following the same pattern.

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