Polynt Composites Germany GmbH announces the new SMC Food Contact (FC) series | NewsLIGHT #15 | Polynt Composites

In 2011 the European Union presented the regulation EU 10/2011 for plastics intended to come into direct contact with food. The previous system changed from a negative list (forbidden substances) to a positive list (limited number of allowed substances). Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) as semi-finished product, based on the general used raw materials are not intended to be used for direct food contact. Additionally the hot molding compression manufacturing process of SMC presents a wide range of parameters and handling steps influencing the food contact behavior of the final application. Based on this situation Polynt recommends different levels of responsibilities divided into two steps: The first step is based on the raw materials, infrastructure and parameters used to produce SMC, the second step is that all migration tests are fulfilled by the producer of the final product.

Up to 20 different raw materials are used for the production of SMC. Nowadays Polynt can offer a new family of SMC products, which ensures that all materials are listed in the appendix of the EU 10/2011. In addition it can be guaranteed the principles of Good Manufacturing Process (GMP EG 2023/2006) by implementing new control systems and dedicated people trained in this field. This new series, indicated with “FC” (food contact) in their trade name, implement a new generation of food safety for products based on SMC and enable molding companies to serve this market with approved qualities.