High performance GT supplied by HRC launching and ACTC starting trial operation from end of 2019 | NewsLIGHT #15 | HRC

As one of the most important composite partners of Polestar, Volvo’s newly created high-end vehicle brand, HRC is in charge of developing and manufacturing 17 carbon fiber parts in total for its signature model, the first hybrid GT presented, Polestar 1, including hood, A beam, filter box and other structural and decorative parts. The launch of Polestar 1, one among HRC’s varies recordable cases for composite parts serial production, signifies the company is right on the track of further promoting its services to more OEMs who is seeking for the balance of reducing the weight while maintaining the performance. The well-equipped facility of HRC has up to 9 different processing technologies which allows an annual output of 100,000 pcs of composite parts and in hence a much more competitive cost and a more appealing option for its potential clients.

Also, Advanced Composite Technology Center (ACTC), the first composite R&D center in China for applied research dedicated to composite technologies in future lightweight applications invested by HRC and technically supported by Fraunhofer ICT will soon be put into operation after the intensive preparation since the beginning of 2019 in terms of construction, equipment moving in and adjustment, recruiting, etc. The facility’s future research area will be much focused on the latest state-of-art thermoset and thermoplastic based technologies. Enjoying an individual building of 3,000 sqm of office area and 5,000 sqm of operation area, where a profile of highly international and professional team of composite talents will be located, the center also has one floor of office space reserved as working stations for the upstream and downstream partners who are looking for opportunities in China.

The facility will be officially open from end of March 2020.

© HRC: Reinforcement rear floor panel front center

© HRC: Carbon fiber air box