BIG DATA – The Gold of the 21st Century | NewsLIGHT #14 | GRP

In order to be prepared for future requirements in the field of data processing, GRP is developing a completely new architecture with the “Smart Data Core”.

Manufacturing Execution systems still work today in interaction with relational databases. However, the trend in the industry towards more and more data collection, especially in the area of process technology, is forcing providers such as GRP to rethink and restructure their previous principles.

In order to be able to handle the huge amount of data in a production machine, GRP has pushed the development of the “Smart Data Core” in recent months.

It will be very machine-oriented within the IT architecture and will receive up to 1,000,000 unfiltered data per second from the machine via OPC UA. It forms the independent interface between the machine and the Manufacturing Execution System.

This is only possible with an embedded high-performance database for key value data.

The first interpretation and pre-filtering of the data takes place in the “Smart Data Core” so that the selected data can be sent to the MES without latency.

As a highlight, a front-end application will be available to the customers, where they can define the criteria according to which data selection should take place. Furthermore, the history of the data can be saved and the “Smart Data Core” will recognize differences in the same data formats. The created differences can be displayed for the user at any time in the frontend and are available for evaluation.

GRP is currently developing the new architecture in the context of concrete research and customer projects and is therefore very close to market requirements. A large number of existing customers have already announced their interest in this new technology and offered themselves as test partners.