AZL develops new solutions to further establish SMC in broad industrial applications

3 June 2020 News AZL Admin

AZL works on two projects that enhance the knowledge about SMC material characteristics and a new process combination driven by the requirements to reduce the production costs of lightweight components.

As of right now a material data bank and standard methodology to determine the characteristic values for SMC processing and simulation is missing massively. AZL is addressing this lack of a material data bank for SMC in its project “SMC-Characterization – Harmonized Data Acquisition” which is open to join by will defining, evolving and testing a data bank for SMC during the course of the project.

The right material for the specific application is indispensable to have the ability to produce with the highest standards, as Dr. Timo Huber from Hengrui Corporation assesses, “Our company Hengrui Corp. HRC is a global supplier of composite lightweight solutions to serve various markets like the automotive industry, which is our main sector, followed by transportation, aerospace and construction. In all sectors we are offering our services along the entire value chain, starting with engineering & part design, through R&D in terms of processing technologies and materials, to find the right combination for each application, and finally the production of composite components. In this approach it is essential to have access to a material data base with comprehensive and reliable material characteristic values. Especially regarding SMC with its randomly distributed and partially inhomogeneous fiber orientation and content, a SMC data base is necessary to exploit the full lightweight and performance potential of the material.”

The project will kick-off on September 22th, 2020.

The project Hybrid SMC will deal with the lack of standard methodology to determine the characteristic values for SMC processing and simulation and has the approach to develop a process simulation methodology and mapping with structure simulation, as well as to develop for example hybrid SMC with continuous fiber, fiber spraying, towpreg and more. Furthermore, the possibility for increasing design freedom and integration of functional elements by thermoset injection molding compounds will be provided.

We are looking forward to contribute to the development of SMC in order to further establish SMC in broad industrial applications.

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