The new AZL Double-Belt-Press with energy efficient inductive heating is available for material processing trials (consolidation and impregnation trials) – Current follow-up project is still open to join

2 June 2020 News Maren Daniels

The “Inductive Double-Belt-Press” follow-up project is open to join to get insights into the development and usage of the optimized machine.

The project comprises the upgrade and optimization of the system for advanced material and processing studies. The double-belt-press machine has been exclusively developed by AZL together with industrial partners – from the idea on paper to the market-ready machine.

The project team is building up onto two already existing projects with their outcome of a low-cost and energy efficient double belt press prototype and is now working on the second project phase which will include material processing trials. In the last months, the upgrade and optimization of the machine has been realized. This includes newly coated wazels with fluororubber for a temperature resistance up to 300 °C and a print width of 36 mm, as well as new cooling units.

At this point in the project, AZL is looking forward to starting the process development with extensive material processing trials. All companies, also non-project partners can use the double-belt-press for their individual material processing tests. Those trials include the testing on the new optimized, cost saving and energy efficient machine, as well as the testing of the processability of the client’s materials. In addition, the further understanding of influence of different process parameters on the product quality and productivity will be provided during those trials.

The project is one of two AZL projects, that have brought, with our close collaboration between research and industry and our own technology center, machine concepts to life. AZL’s second developed machine the “Ultra-Fast machine consolidator” has been created during joint partner projects as well and has won the JEC Innovation Award in 2019.


If you are interested in more information, please contact us directly:

Philipp Fröhlig
Senior Project Manager at AZL Aachen GmbH
Phone: +49 241/475735-14