AZL projects “Next Generation Mobility Solutions” and “Inductive Double-Belt Press” have kicked off

13 January 2020 News AZL Admin

After their kick-off meetings in October and November, the AZL projects “Next Generation Mobility Solutions” and “Inductive Double-Belt Press” are now in their first project phase. The project team for “Next Generation Mobility Solutions” is currently working on the market segmentation and analysis which include the classification of different segments such as Micro Mobility, Exoskeletons (for medical but also industrial and civil applications), Delivery Drones and E-Trucks. A segment profile for each of these segments will be prepared and an evaluation system and the requirement matching will be developed. In the following, the market segments will be discussed and finally defined in cooperation with the participants of the study. In Addition, the size and future growth of the different segments is being analyzed and will lead to the end of the first phase by a discussion of the most promising markets and applications. The second and third project phase will then define technology trends and requirements and potentials for composite materials are identified.

For the “Inductive Double-Belt Press” project the team is building up onto two already existing projects and their outcome of a low-cost and energy efficient double belt press prototype and is now working on work package one of the projects. This includes the system development with for example an active inductor positioning system. This allows for an automatic inductor height adjustment scalable to the material thickness. Currently the team is also integrating sensors for reproducible measurements and additionally is looking at an HMI adaption for a closed loop temperature control which enables simpler operation and a higher degree of automation. The second work package of the project will then conclude with the process development and will consist of intensive material processing trials following a material pre-selection study, conducted in cooperation with the project participants. This work package will contain an impregnation study for thermoplastics, thermosets and a consolidation study for thermoplastics and represents the main part of the research in this project.

Both project teams are working towards their first results of the projects and the AZL is already eagerly awaiting the valuable outcome of the two projects.

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