lntegrating design and costing – Article in JEC magazine of AZL & Conbility GmbH

1 August 2017 Uncategorized AZL Admin

The demand for lightweight concepts, and thus the use of composites and multi-material systems, is constantly growing. Today, composites are not only used in high-performance applications, but also widely spread in highly cost-sensitive branches, such as automotive or consumer goods for instance. A core challenge within the growing demand for composite applications is the reduction of the currently high product design costs. To achieve a cost reduction within the design phase of composite parts, tools for comprehensive and early part cost estimations are required and innovation processes need to be accelerated.

The article composed by Conbility GmbH and Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production of RWTH Aachen University (AZL) is available in JEC Magazine #113 (24-27) and portray the effort of developing a new integrated design-to-cost approach considering material and process-related costs within the early product development phase, in combining expertise in process costing and composite production technology.

Feel free to read the article “lntegrating design and costing” of JEC Magazine #113. For more information on this topic, please contact Ms. Katharina Bleck or Mr. Markus Breiing, and visit or