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24 August 2023 LinkedIn, News AZL Admin

“Especially the production rates for smaller, short and medium range aircraft and urban air mobility are foreseen to increase, the need for other production technologies and cheaper materials is growing.”

Says Warden about the soon-starting project in “Composites in Aircraft

“Companies interested in this area can learn if their existing technologies have potential for new applications or higher production rates”

Project start: September 28th, 2023 (the project is open to join)

Scope of work:
👉 Work package 1: Screening of market and investigation of regulatory environment ⏩ Gain broad understanding of the current landscape of the aircraft industry: market segmentation, value chain analysis, examination of regulatory landscape

👉 Work package 2: Identify the latest materials, technologies and manufacturing processes ⏩ System component break-down, overview of state of the art in material- and production technologies & emerging applications and material-/production-/MRO-technologies

👉 Work package 3: Scenario development for future design and manufacturing of selected highlight-applications ⏩ Assessment of cross-industry potential, sketching and evaluation of component- and manufacturing concepts

👀 Keep your eyes open to learn more about each work package in the upcoming weeks

Can’t wait and want to learn more about the project scope and what to expect?
Reach out to Philipp Fröhlig and Alexander Knauff.

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