LinkedIn | 15th ATP Workgroup Meeting

23 August 2023 LinkedIn, News AZL Admin

The next workgroup meeting is coming up soon:
Advanced Thermoset Production 👉 September 7th, 2023

In addition to an in-depth market and technology screening, this meeting will focus on cutting-edge technologies that enable innovative composite design and cost-efficient production, as well as technologies for recycling thermoset composites. Get ready for 4 expert insights:

💡 Claude Maack | Gradel | Industrialisation of a robotic endless filament winding applicator for sustainable lightweight solutions
💡 Guillaume Perben | Composite Recycling | Closing the loop on Composite Materials
💡 Loanna Ciliberti & Julien PASCAL | FAIRMAT | How to create a sustainable future for CFRP? A low Carbon footprint solution by Fairmat
💡 Matteo Di Fulvio | ADDYX srl | The CARBON EXOSKELETON: a disruptive innovation for topology optimization in composites

Looking forward to welcome you in Aachen!

P.S: You are interested and want to learn more about “Advanced Thermoset Production”? Or want to contribute to the workgroup with an expert insight? Get in touch with Alexander Knauff.

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