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17 August 2023 LinkedIn, News AZL Admin

“Buildings & Infrastructure is already the biggest market for composites but we have seen that there is still a long way to go to increase the awareness of what composites can bring to this market.” says Philipp Wigger – the AZL Institue’s expert for composites in buildings and infrastructure.

“For the current trend topics energy efficiency and renovation, the property profile of composites is perfectly suited. The new Joint Partner Project – Energy Efficiency and Renovation in Bulidings & Infrastructure – addresses this potential and will identify new applications and opportunities to make new building projects more sustainable through composites.”

Scope of work
👉 Work package 1: Market Segmentation, Analysis and Evaluation
Structured overview on market segments regarding structure, market volume, high-level chances, risks, technology and trends

👉 Work package 2: Screening of Market and Technology Developments
Identification of most relevant application, materials and processes and potentials for market development

👉 Work package 3: Market Analyses and Evaluation
Detailed analyses of individual technologies, identification of value chains and evaluation of most promising products and processes

👉 Work package 4: Business cases
Business case analyses for individual technologies, comparison of State of the Art with potential new processes and suggestions for business opportunities

Want to join the project or learn more about the project scope and what to expect? Reach out to Philipp Fröhlig and Alexander Knauff.

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