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15 August 2023 LinkedIn, News AZL Admin

🎉 Last week a special tool arrived at the AZL Institute’s machine hall to demonstrate the feasibility of injection moulding with tape technology in mass produced parts. It will be used to investigate the tape technology at the AZL RWTH Tech Center on a 1700t injection moulding machine.

This achievement is possible through the joint effort in the research project “Tape Technology Transfer Hub (T3-Hub)” together with external partners and the project consortium of SIMCONConbility GmbH – producing sustainabilityIKV- Institute for Plastics Processing in Industry and Craft at RWTH Aachen University and consulting from AVK.

Some highlights that were already achieved:
✅ Demonstration of robust overmoulding of tapes for an automotive component
✅ Showing the feasibility of automated tape placement into the mold at the same cycle time
✅ Lowering the mass of the part
✅ Reducing the CO2 footprint of the component
✅ Lowering the costs of the component

We thank BBP Kunststoffwerk Marbach Baier GmbH Kunststoffbau and our industrial partners for their excellent cooperation in designing and manufacturing the tool.

We would like to extend our thanks to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) for funding this project under Grant Number 03LB3055.

Interested in learning more about the project? Or how you could leverage the implementation of tape technology in your company? Just contact the project manager and one of our engineering experts Fabian Becker for more information.

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