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7 August 2023 LinkedIn, News AZL Admin

“By optimizing the production strategy and the design of a pressure vessel, we were able to increase the winding speed and thus reduce the cost of production. With CAE simulations, we can ensure that the optimized layup, for example, meets the requirements for the component and enables processability.”

That’s what Ravi Chaitanya Bhairi had to say about a former conducted 1:1 project around hydrogen pressure vessels.

“The boss design played a crucial role as well and was covered. The custom approach allowed us to implement efficient pressure sealing techniques, increasing the overall performance and safety of the pressure vessels.”

In the upcoming project on “Trends and Design Factors for Hydrogen Pressure Vessels” those topics will be addressed.

Project start: September 21st, 2023 (the project is open to join)

Scope of work:
👉 Work package 1: Overview state of the art
Comprehensive overview and analysis of the current state of the art as well as emerging technologies

👉 Work package 2: Design & analysis
Different materials, production concepts, and designs to provide an understanding of the complex
interplay of requirements, characteristics, and technologies

👉 Work package 3: Processing, cost, and CO2 analysis
Evaluation of various production scenarios with specific focus on cost, weight, CO2 and recyclability

👀 Keep your eyes open to learn more about each work package in the upcoming weeks

Can’t wait and want to learn more about the project scope and what to expect? Reach out to Philipp Fröhlig and Alexander Knauff

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