LinkedIn | 8th Workgroup Meeting “Product Cost Benchmarking”

2 August 2023 LinkedIn, News AZL Admin

The next round of the AZL Workgroup Meetings starts soon with “Product Cost Benchmarking” 👉 August 17th, 2023

Already 23 different applications and components were investigated and analysed within this Workgroup. This time the meeting will focus on train seats within the topic commercial seating.

💡 What can you expect:
• Concept design and cost analysis of composite train seats
• Outlook and next steps on design for recycling approaches

The additional focus study within the PCB workgroup will be on “Aircraft Seat Support Structure” by additive manufacturing:
• Impulse by AddUp: Design of Support Structure in Metal Additive Manufacturing
• Concept Design and Cost Analysis of Composite Additive Manufacturing inspired by 9T Labs

❓ Did you know that as an AZL Partner you have the opportunity to contribute to the focus study? Suggest your part and a new technology and AZL will investigate it – reach out to Fabian Becker.

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