In order to implement lightweight projects for large-scale production, cooperation is required across different disciplines. Our international network gives you access to all the competencies along the entire lightweight value chain.

Take advantage of our network, which consists of numerous high-level representatives and decision makers from the composite industry, to establish and cultivate contacts, share and develop ideas and information, win new customers, receive information regularly and promptly, influence and shape your business, create synergies and much more.

Together we can find the appropriate partners and information from our research and industry network (see also: Partnership) for your business needs, projects and requests.

We facilitate the sharing of information and experience with regard to lightweight production in a discrete, professional and cross-industry way. Together we can identify common interests, market potentials, trends or potential projects. This is how valuable, interest-based cooperations will emerge that can contribute significantly to the success of your business.

Our international and interdisciplinary network provides you with contacts in the following areas:

  • Raw material producers (chemical industry)
  • Manufacturers of semi-finished products (textiles, prepregs, etc.)
  • Toolmakers
  • Manufacturers of production machinery/special-purpose machines
  • Measurement technology developers
  • Tier 1/ Tier 2 companies
  • OEMs

Take advantage of our network and become a partner of AZL.

This service is provided exclusively to AZL partner companies.