Product and application development

We support companies along the entire value chain in developing and implementing competitive lightweight construction technologies. With our broad range of material and production technologies, we provide a comprehensive solution for the development and evaluation of products and identify the most suitable paths to implementation.

  • We develop composite-based multi-material components and related production concepts (systems and processes).
  • We evaluate the concepts, especially considering costs and production relevant KPIs.
  • We support you during the implementation until marketability by integrating relevant partners from our industry network.


Our core competencies

Across all industries, we take responsibility for the design, development and implementation of all the specific aspects and holistic solutions for lightweight large-scale production. We offer you our expertise and comprehensive services, from material selection and material development to component requirements and design, and from tooling and machine development to integrated production systems and quality assurance. Our connection with RWTH Aachen means our expertise has a rich tradition and enjoys an international reputation, especially in the development of mechanical engineering and production technology. Our specialists have highly detailed knowledge of all areas of lightweight production while retaining a useful overview of new materials, applications and markets thanks to the excellent networking with other disciplines on site. Our approach is holistic and integrated. We not only consider individual aspects of material and product development, but also take into account all possible factors, influences and interactions along the entire production chain in order to achieve the ideal result for you – one that is cost-optimal, efficient and fast.

We work with you and for you to develop, design and optimise:

Materials and material systems
      • Thermoplastics, thermosets, semi-finished products
      • Qualification of FRP semi-finished products (textiles, prepregs, tapes, organosheets, etc.), mechanical, chemical, electrical and optical properties as well as process qualification
Machines and tools
      • Special machines for your large-scale production of FRP semi-finished products (including textiles, thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs and tapes)
      • Handling of semi-finished products and components
      • Design and manufacturing of moulds/tools
      • Control technology, engineering and implementation of automated tasks
      • Design, construction and implementation of test facilities
      • Material, application and process-oriented component development
      • Lightweight components made of FRP and multi-material systems
      • Design, manufacturing and qualification of prototype FRP parts/components
      • Testing (i.e. from material components to complete vehicle crash tests)
Processes and quality assurance systems
      • Continuous process chains for your product applications and components in large-scale production
      • Development and optimisation of combined processes
      • Production-integrated quality assurance
      • Process development and optimisation for the replication of thermoset or thermoplastic (short, long or endless) fibre-reinforced lightweight components and multi-material systems

Send us your specific inquiry and we will be happy to find an individual solution for you.