The AZL Team

We are an experienced, professional, committed and multifaceted team. Our strengths lie in creativity, efficiency and a high level of technical expertise. Together we stand for a successful and productive liaison between research and industry. We would be happy to support your progress in lightweight production technology.


Portrait AZL   Portrait AZL
Dr.-Ing. Kai Fischer   Dr.-Ing. Michael Emonts
Managing Partner 


Phone: +49 241 8027 105

  Managing Partner 


Phone: +49 172 7207681

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“What makes AZL so special is its unique infrastructure and direct access within walking distance to all major topics and experts in the field of lightweight production. This combination is what makes it so exciting – to develop visionary ideas in the area of research, to implement them and bring them to industrial maturity for the future of your daily business. As one of the world’s most prestigious universities in the field of mechanical engineering and production technology, RWTH Aachen provides a unique environment with its multiple scientific disciplines.”   “Our offer to create synergies between production technology, material science and process technology is crucial and mandatory for the large-scale production of lightweight components. With our holistic approach, we also identify for the first time the way the processes themselves interact along the entire process chain and seize the opportunity to improve not only single processes but the entire industrial lightweight production process. In doing so, we not only consider the material and process technology, but we are also able to develop complex production machines or to assess and improve existing ones.”



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Philipp Fröhlig   Warden Schijve   Fabian Becker
Head of Industrial Services  


Phone: +49 241 475735 – 14

  Design Leader 


Phone: +49 241 475735 – 17

  Senior Design Engineer | CAE 


Phone: +49 241 475 735 – 22



Portrait AZL   Portrait AZL   AZL Team
Ravi Chaitanya Bhairi   Alexander Knauff   Susanna Formanns
Development Engineer 


Phone: +49 241 475735 – 15


  Manager Industrial Services 


Phone: +49 241 475735 – 16

  Strategic Communication and Event Management


Phone: +49 241 475735 – 13



Portrait AZL   AZL Team    
Claudia Molitor   Susanne Geisler    
Executive Assistant Administration 


Phone: +49 241 475735 – 10




Phone: +49 241 475735 – 11





We work in close cooperation with our esteemed colleagues of other RWTH Aachen´s departments.