Who are we?


RWTH Aachen’s Aachen Centre for Integrative Lightweight Production (AZL), a competency network in the area of lightweight production that is unique in the world, has significant expertise in research and development in lightweight production.

In cooperation with industry, AZL aims to develop the automated production of load and cost-optimised lightweight components which are suitable for large-scale production, and versatile process chains in composite and multi-material design.

This is carried out in close interdisciplinary cooperation between material science and production technology.

RWTH Aachen’s AZL handles teaching activities as well as research and development enquiries and has access to the latest full-scale machines and automation systems. As a service provider partnering with companies in the field of lightweight production technology, AZL Aachen GmbH offers services in the areas of engineering, advisory, consultancy and project management, networking and human resources marketing, among others.

Where to find us

You can find us in Germany on the RWTH Aachen University campus (with its 260 research institutes, 482 professors, 4,500 researchers and 40,358 students). With 19 additional research clusters to be built on an area of 800,000 m2, we are developing into one of Europe´s largest technology-oriented research facilities.

AZL is part of the new “Integrative Production Technology” cluster. This cluster is situated on the “Melaten” campus in Aachen and already provides about 25,000 m2 of research space for 800 scientists.

At AZL, researchers from various areas of expertise cooperate closely with each other and work together to develop tomorrow´s lightweight production technology. They come from the fields of textiles (ITA)*, plastics and composite materials (IKV), production technology (WZL, IPT, ILT, ISF), quality assurance and production-integrated measurement technology (WZL), lightweight design (ilb) and automotive production (IKA). More than 750 scientists and over 1,100 graduate assistants work together in 8 institutes. Thanks to a long history of more than a quarter of a century in the field of lightweight production technology with reinforced plastics, you will find here a unique, well-established environment with extensive technical equipment and world-renowned scientists.


AZL is dedicated to combining individual processes on an industrial scale. At the same time, AZL serves as the interface between the institutes and the industrial companies when it comes to interdisciplinary research projects. This means that you have only one contact partner and we will provide you with selected expert teams from this network, specifically chosen and set up to meet your needs.

With AZL, you have direct access to the employees and highly qualified students of RWTH Aachen, who can be potential staff for your company. You also have access to the top-class equipment and features of our excellent research facilities.

With our focus on the integrated production technology of composite systems, we support the future of composites in the Western world.



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The AZL Institute

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