Formosa Plastics Corporation from Taiwan starts cooperation with AZL network

1 March 2021 News AZL Admin

Formosa Plastics Corporation, material supplier from Taiwan is joining our international and cross-industry collaboration on composites to get in contact and collaborate with new partners in Europe.

Bob Hsu, administrator for carbon fiber business at Formosa Plastics Corporation, will be the key contact for the technology and business development collaboration with the AZL network and has answered three questions to introduce his company’s business and motivation for collaboration to the AZL Partner companies:

AZL: What do you offer that would be of interest to AZL partner companies?

Bob Hsu, Formosa: As one of the main carbon fiber manufacturers, we could provide the carbon fiber material solutions from chopped, continuous fiber to intermediate materials produced by subsidiary companies. Modification the surface treatment and mechanical properties of carbon fiber would better meet our partners’ needs.

AZL: What are you looking for (partners, solutions, information, products)?

Bob Hsu, Formosa: We are looking for partners for innovative technologies of carbon fiber composites to strengthen our competitiveness. It would be great to expand the new opportunities for different applications, which increase brand recognition into the European market. We would be most interested in additive manufacturing, EV automotive application and CFRP recycling solution for circular economy.

AZL: What trends are you observing for lightweight and composites in Asia?

Bob Hsu, Formosa: The demand of carbon fiber composites for wind energy is still increasing in the coming years, but we think that hydrogen mobility and electric vehicle market would be the main force for lightweight and composites in Asia.

Thank you for introducing Formosa as a new partner. We are looking forward to having you involved in our upcoming workgroup meetings already.

AZL Partners interested to get in contact with Bob Hsu, can visit his profile in the AZL Partner Section.