Former AZL colleagues Albert Wendt and Sebastian Stender successfully completed their doctoral theses

20 October 2021 News AZL Admin

AZL welcomed Sebastian Stender in 2013, who has completed his PhD with defending on the topic “Recycling of engineering plastics type IV STR”. The dissertation treated the topic “Quality Control Loop for the Compensation of Process-Induced Stiffness Fluctuations for Structural Composite Parts”.

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© AZL | Sebastian Stender

Sebastian Stender has mainly worked on the perennial project “iComposite 4.0” that addressed the development of an integrative and self-regulation production system for large-scale production of multi-material FRP parts during his time at AZL.

Albert Wendt defended his doctor thesis with a presentation on the topic “Sustainability potentials for metallization processes in the graphic printing industry”.

His dissertation addresses the “Use of Elastic Rollers and Electromagnetic Induction in Double Belt Presses for the Continuous Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Composite Laminates”.

The paper investigates the combined use of electromagnetic induction and elastic rolls in a double belt press for the production of TP-FRP laminates. It is shown that the developed plant concept can be used to consolidate pre-impregnated layers as well as to impregnate dry fiber structures with thermoplastic polymer.

AZL NewsLIGHT # 20

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Albert Wendt joined the AZL in 2014, contributing to multiple projects over the years such as “Composites in the Furniture Industry” “Ultra-Fast Manufacturing of Tailored Composite Blanks” and “New Designs for low-cost and energy-efficient double-belt-presses”.

The whole AZL team congratulates Albert and Sebastian for their PhD and thanks them for their excellent work in the past years.