Do you know the expected CAGR for the Natural Fibers, Biopolymers and Bio-Based Composites Market?

31 March 2022 News AZL Admin


Between 2021 and 2026 it’s 22.7%.

The rising demand for more sustainability is just one driving factor – But what’s in for composites and is there potential for bio-based composites?

AZL has been active in this area for several years now with various activities and incorporates bio-based composite fibers into structural components.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are important developments for the current design of productions and products. Therefore, the demand for deepening this topic aroused which led to a realization of a Market & Technology Study conducted with 9 industrial companies in order to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of the potential of bio-based composites.

AZL segmented and analysed various markets, and investigated technical requirements of existing parts and products as well as future applications. Additionally, we gave insights into today’s value chains, processes and materials. Then we highlighted strengths and challenges for bio-based composites over traditional materials. Finally, together with the participating companies, which included REHAU, Asahi Kasei, Johns Manville, Mahr Metering Systems and several material manufacturers, we identified over 30 high-potential applications and analysed four chosen applications in business cases.

One of the applications which was highly requested was the automotive door module.

The report resulted in over 500 pages of markets, technologies, materials, processes, potentials and costs while taking eco-KPI’s into account and is also available for purchase.

As a next step, the project Bio-Based Composite Door Module was defined as this is identified as a high-potential application.

Together with industrial companies, we will investigate different material combinations and test on coupon level, to figure out, which combinations fulfil the requirements of an automotive door module. Subsequently, we want to produce a demonstrator to show the potential process chain. At the end of the 9-month project, AZL will carry out an economic and ecological analysis of the door module.

The AZL will have an open workshop on April 28th, for interested companies, where questions can be addressed and the project strategy will be discussed.

For more information on the topic and if you are interested to join the workshop, you can get in touch with

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