Kick-Off Meeting of Joint Market and Technology Study “Energy Storage Systems”

7 February 2018 Allgemein, News AZL Admin

On January 30, 2018, AZL Aachen GmbH, in cooperation with 19 participating companies as well as RWTH Aachen University and CONBILITY® GmbH, has launched with a kick-off meeting an international market and technology study.  Over the next 8 months, the team of experts will work out a detailed insight into the technologies of the diverse energy storage systems. Together with the consortium, the technology experts will analyze established and emerging storage systems, in particular with regard to the materials used and the production technologies for the production of key components.

The kick-off meeting opened the first phase of the study, which focuses on detailed market segmentation, including the identification of market requirements and potentials as well as existing and future technologies and their respective readiness levels. In addition to energy storage in the transport sector, the study will examine storage systems and technologies in other market segments. These include thermal, electrochemical, mechanical and electrical storage systems. At the kick-off meeting, participants were given a first market overview including exemplary market segments and possible storage technologies. The study structure was presented on the basis of the two example technologies and applications of lithium-ion batteries in the automotive sector and power-to-gas technologies.

The study results are especially relevant for suppliers of materials, processing technologies and machinery and equipment. Companies wishing to evaluate the potential of their products and production technologies as well as their know-how in the field of energy storage systems are invited to participate in the study.

The joint market and technology study is designed as a joint consortium study. Participants meet with company representatives from different industries and market segments as well as external experts in various project meetings and workshops. Study participants thus become a direct part of the study and can influence progress according to their specific requirements.

The participating companies raised unanswered questions and provided initial impulses for focusing the study analyses by voting on relevant market segments.

The market and technology study has a strong focus on the technological analysis of established, emerging and evolving systems and technologies. The analyses provide a broad basis for decision-making for the business development of companies. After the market analysis of the first phase of the study, the expert team identifies applications in the field of energy supply, the operation of power grids as well as stationary decentralized and mobile applications. Different system configurations, materials and components are analyzed to identify the respective technological enablers. In the final phase of the study, supply chains (providers of systems, materials and technologies) and business models with future technological potential and requirements are elaborated


Thomas Wegman, Marketing Manager at Aliancys:

“As the market will grow significantly in the next few years, we see many applications and parts where we can use our resin systems. Composites score highly in both stationary and mobile storage systems due to their durability, chemical resistance and lightweight potential. We want to learn more about the market and where we can develop new applications for composites. Tackling this in the study together with other companies and their specific interests and insights is a good opportunity for us.”


Dr. Reiner Karl, Geschäftsführer of Mahr Metering Systems GmbH:

“At Mahr Metering Systems, it is important for us to gain knowledge about which technologies will be relevant for the production of energy storage systems. This is the only way we can develop the right equipment and offer it to the market. The market is growing – but we see the future not only in lithium-ion technologies. That is why the insight into other technologies is of great interest to us.”


Soeren Striepe, Senior Manager at Magna International:

“As a global automotive supplier, we see many business opportunities in the area of energy storage systems that we want to potentially leverage.  Technological advancements in this area are developing very quickly and dynamically. By participating in the study, we hope to gain additional insights into the different technologies, further identify their potential and continue to learn from their use cases.”


Interested companies can still join the consortium. Information about the procedure, the results and the possibilities for participation can be found under this link:

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Contact us for joining: Philipp Fröhlig