SKF Automotive & Aerospace - AZL Aachen GmbH

SKF is a world leading supplier of a wide assortment of aerospace solutions encompassing bearings, seals, rods, struts, precision elastomeric devices and fly-by-wire equipments for airframe, aero-engines and gearboxes.

With a worldwide presence, SKF Aerospace serves all the players in the aerospace industry and supports them in the development of their new programmes.

SKF has pioneered every major advance in wheel end technology since the invention of the automobile. The integrated hub bearing unit, originally conceived by SKF in the late 1930s, is now the dominant solution for car and light commercial wheel bearing applications. Add something on challenges and typical issues. “With increasing emission legislations, focus is on technology that reduces weight and friction. SKF can offer low weight and low friction hub bearing units, as well as modules that integrate the wheel bearings with surrounding components for even further weight reduction”.

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