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Shanghai Superior Die Technology Co., Ltd. (SSDT) is affiliated to SAIC Motor Co. Ltd. It is a joint venture established by HUAYU Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.(HASCO) and SAIC HK Ltd. with a total investment of $200 million, SSDT has 2,300 employees (1,300 in Shanghai). The company covers a total area of (440,000 sq.m) in 3 locations (Shanghai, Nanjing and Yantai), (Headquarters in Shanghai covers (200,000 sq.m)). The consolidated sales revenue exceeded 2.4 billion Yuan in 2015.

SSDTs core business is to design and manufacture dies for large body exterior parts including body-side, fender, doors, hood and deck-lid. It has an installed capacity of 11,000 tons/year for large A-surface-panels’ dies. In 2012 SSDT becomes strategic die supplier to Shanghai Automotive and Shanghai General Motors.

Since its establishment in 2004, the company has produced over 800,000 sets of doors, hoods, deck-lids, front floors and rear floors. SSDT aims to realize the goal of zero environmental pollution, zero accident, zero defects in quality and zero complaints about new products through the "Lean Manufacturing" work. It has obtained quality, safety and environmental protection certification such as ISO/TS16949, ISO14000, OHSAS18001, ISO9001 and VDA6.4 and passed the review for Level 1 Work Safety Standardization in September 2013. From 2009 and every year after SSDT was awarded SGMs Excellent Supplier or SGM Best Supplier. In 2013, SSDT invested a total of 750 million Yuan in a new production base in Yantai, Shandong Province. Aiming for "Smart Factory" and provide zero-distance supporting production and technical services for automakers in North China.

Meanwhile, it re-allocates resources in the optimal way through integrating the former Nanjing Tooling Co., Ltd. and establishing SSDT-Nanjing, (The Die Business Department was founded in 2008, this way they got a new leap in die manufacturing capability to 15,000 tons/year).

In response to the challenge of "Safety" and "Environmental Protection" issues faced by the car design, in recent years, SSDT has been devoted to the research and development of new processes, materials and technologies to design and manufacture ultra-high strength hot stamping dies and aluminum-alloy dies, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign suppliers in domestic market and becoming the forerunner in the industry at home. It also possesses the ability in independent development and manufacturing of complex hot forming technologies including Tailor Rolling Blanks (TRB), Tailor Welded Blanks (TWB) and Patchwork. So far, it has independently designed and manufactured close to 100 sets of mass production hot forming dies, involving products such as A and B pillars, sled plate, door bumper plate, front guard, roof-stick, etc.

SSDT also cooperates with SGM and SAIC in the synchronous development of hot forming parts. They have developed the product design and verification ability for door crash beams and successfully designed the crash beams for projects such as new Sail and new Excelle.

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