Maru Hachi Corp. - AZL Aachen GmbH

MARU HACHI is a F.W Composite & Composite material producer.

In Filament winding Div., Hydrogen High Pressure Vessel for fuel cell station is our main target. We have been working on type Ⅳ vessel with which we have won the JEC Awards 2014.

And in the other activitie of Composite material, we are woven and knitting fabricator & Prepreger of thermo-set and Thermo-plastics. 8exe® (Eightex) is our brand name of Thermo-plastic prepreg which has varieties of Uni-directional ( W 1,000mm x L 1000M ), Fabrics (Inc. Spread fabrics), NCF, and Random. Also, Pre-formed materials such as Laminates, Rods, etc are available. In these materials, reinforcement fibers of CF,GF, AF, etc are available, besides the matrix availability of PE, PP, TPU, PA6, PA/L, PPS, PEI, PES, LCP. PEEK, and more.

We are to supply tailored materials along with your requirements to build up new in composites.

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