LG Technology Center Europe - AZL Aachen GmbH

LG Technology Center Europe

LGTCE is the European technology center of the LG Group. We are acting as an interface between the Korean LG companies and European organizations.

LGTCE within the LG Group

From an organizational viewpoint, LGTCE is part of LG Electronics, Inc. However, our team in Ratingen, Germany, works for the whole LG Group. Thus, LGTCE comprises experts in many different fields, such as electronics, chemistry, automotive, home appliances etc.

LGTCE's main tasks

The identification of interesting external technologies and business opportunities is one of LGTCE's main tasks. Thereby, we focus on European companies and research organizations, sometimes we are considering private inventors, too. In a first step, LGTCE verifies the feasibility of the potential collaboration. Further steps, such as contract negotiations are accompanied or carried out by LGTCE as well.

Additional information can be found at www.lgtce.de.

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