Farplas - AZL Aachen GmbH

Tosb Otomotiv Osb/Çayırova/Kocaeli, Türkei

FARPLAS Group of Companies is one of the rare corporations, building a corporate structure while maintaining the spirit of a family business. With more than 40 years of experience, the spirit of an investor, global understanding and customer oriented approach FARPLAS has excelled in every field it which it operates.

The strategy of owning the value chain, has enabled FARPLAS to excel in not only production but also in R&D, project management quality and logistics. FARPLAS has reached a universal structure with its modern management systems, innovative approach and use of ERP, MRE and SAP.

Our main business is injection molding, each year various 'state of the art' technologies and usage of novel materials are adapted to our 'lightweight focused' production capabilities. Fiber form line for hybrid thermoplastic composites, Microcellular phsical and chemical foaming of plastics, infrared cured joining of complex trims and in mold decoration are some of them. Desing, Analysis, Tooling and Paintshop capabilities are also worth to mention.

Farplas is dedicated to improvement based on innovation and technology. Our innovation strategy supports open innovation activities. Local OEM's demands, our experts investigations of exhibitions, material suppliers, technology suppliers, and local projects funded by ministry of Science and industry have been our main source of improvement and collaborative activities for many years. In parallel to those activities in 2017; membership to AZL and a technology radar study on "Lightweight Design&Production" with Fraunhofer IAO team are supporting our open innovation strategy.

Farplas has won Turkish inova League's '2017 inovation Strategy Award' among 950 companies. The award was given by Turkish Exporters Association.

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