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Axia materials Co., LTD. is locating in South Korea and developing and manufacturing "Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites". Now we have 3 product groups as "LiteTex", a fully cured/polymerized thermoplastic composite, "LitePreg", a thermoplastic prepreg whose matrix resin is not fully cured/polymerized yet, and "LitePan", a thermoplastic composite sandwich panel. LiteTex and LitePreg use diverse kinds of reinforcements such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber, and glass fiber all as continuous woven roving or unidirectional form. And using our proprietary matrix resin systems we achieve high level of impregnations which results high level of mechanical properties. And all of our products has zero emission (zero VOC) properties. Other unique property that our product group has is its very wide width. Up to 3.0m as continuous coil form we do the productions. This wide width gives us many opportunities to get into unique markets such as building, civil engineering, transportations, and logistics industries. As a single panel system we produce LitePan up to 3.0m (W) x 15.0m (L) which is one of the biggest composite panel in the world. Now we are very active in automobile, logistics, defense, civil engineering, and building industries in many countries in the world.

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