Product Cost Benchmarking – the new AZL format was introduced with a first workgroup meeting on February 27th, 2020

5 März 2020 Aktuelles @de Maren Daniels

At the end of February, the AZL founded the new workgroup “Product Cost Benchmarking”, in which more than 80 partner companies regularly analyze target markets and applications for composite-based multi-material technologies together with experts from the RWTH Aachen University as a basis for their joint technology developments.

Even before the workgroup was founded, the AZL regularly worked out business cases for composite applications with its partner companies in order to identify which components can be produced competitively from composites using which technologies. The resulting technology developments and optimizations are implemented by the AZL and its partner companies in joint development projects, thus creating innovations such as cost-efficient production facilities and processes or multi-material combinations. With the new workgroup format “Product Cost Benchmarking”, the AZL is now focusing even more strongly on joint business case development at the request of the partner companies.



Within the meeting on February 27th, which kicked off the new workgroup, AZL reviewed the previous business cases and introduced the new format to the partner network. In cooperation with Code Product Solutions B.V. and Polyscope Polymers B.V., who provided the component, the AZL presented the business case “sunroof frame” with which it demonstrated an assessment of components for costs, process chains and structures.

Furthermore, with a second already existing business case “bonnet” the AZL and Conbility GmbH explained how to update a business case with Oplysis, Conbility’s cost calculation software, if a factor within has to be changed or the costs should be reduced.

During the meeting partner companies were able to present their impulses for the selection of future business cases, to co-define the new format regarding their requirements for an effective, result-oriented collaboration within the new workgroup. AOC Aliancys, EconCore NV and IHI Logistics & Machinery Corporation as well as Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH presented their pitches to the audience. The participants then agreed on future topics including hybridization of different materials to increase properties and functionalization, an update on battery housing, especially regarding local reinforcements, components with honey comb structure and robot arms as well as carbon rolls.



Additionally, the participants of the meeting gave their feedback to state the benefits provided by the new workgroup which were identified as for example the understanding of the complete value chain and the comparison of different materials and technologies in alternative production scenarios and identification of impact on the cost structure.


With this first meeting from which very valuable feedback and topics resulted the AZL will work out the roadmap for future meetings. The next meeting of the workgroup “Product Cost Benchmarking” will take place on August 27th, 2020.