AZL continues development of double belt press: temperatures up to 400°C, processing foam or honeycomb cores

10 Juli 2021 Aktuelles @de AZL Admin

Based on the frequently addressed requirements from the industry AZL is kicking-off a fourth phase to follow up on the developments of the AZL Joint Partner Project Cost- and Energy-Efficient Double Belt Press System” (project phase III) on August 30th, 2021.

In November 2020, the Joint Partner Project to improve the AZL “Cost- and Energy-Efficient Double Belt Press System” has been successfully accomplished. As result of the project, the isobaric double belt press system now accomplishes max. temperatures up to 300°C and is equipped with a closed-loop temperature control, optimized control system and HMI and with a belt cleaning system. The machine concept has been validated by extensive material and processing studies for the demonstration of wide applicability of the novel machine concept. Impregnation studies on thermoset as well as on thermoplastic material have been accomplished.

In order to investigate the full potential of this double belt press technology, further system upgrades, process trials, and optimizations for different materials and tasks are planned for the 12- week follow-up project.

Two main outcomes should be achieved:

  • The process temperature for the processing of high-performance polymers is to be raised >300°C with the aim to achieve up to 400 °C.
  • The press is to be expanded to include isochoric functionality so that, for example, foam or honeycomb cores can be processed.
  • This isochoric functionality will be combined with the existing isobaric functionality.

Also included in the project are vouchers for bilateral testing on the double-belt-press. The newly patented machine has already been used by many industrial partners bilaterally.

The project is open to join.
If you are interested and would like to receive more information, please get in touch with Alexander Knauff:

Alexander Knauff
Manager Industrial Services | AZL Aachen GmbH
Phone: +49 241 475 735 16
Mobile: +49 177 283 5184
Email: alexander.knauff@azl-aachen-gmbh.de


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