Composites in Future Automotive Interior Applications – Concept Study Considering Design, Structure and Functional Requirements

13 Juli 2021 Aktuelles @de AZL Admin

Besides the well-known battery casings providing a source of weight saving, the interior of an automotive bears high potential for the usage of composites. Different designs to achieve structural support or multi functionalities of parts are necessary and subsequently contribute to reducing weight.

At the AZL Annual Partner Meeting in June 2021, a new project was proposed and discussed to investigate the influence of factors like design, structure, functionalities and sustainability for different automotive interior concepts.

Starting with a market and technology screening, requirements and high potential applications and components are identified. Multiple concepts with different material combinations are designed and analyzed. At the end, process scenarios are defined as well as economic aspects and ecological impact will be evaluated.

The project is to be kicked-off end of 2021 and is carried out by a project team consisting of experts from fka GmbH – especially from the interior team – together with Conbilty GmbH and AZL Aachen GmbH.


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