Have a product cost benchmark for your target component

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Benefit from joint product cost benchmarks

Twice a year, the AZL engineering team involves the AZL partners in a workgroup for joint business case analyses of composite parts. So far 21 components have already been analyzed regarding production scenarios, process steps, cost structure and cost drivers.

Suggest your component of interest to get deep insights into costs and process structures through the analysis of the AZL engineering team and by discussing the results with the AZL partner companies involved along the entire value chain.

For the next joint product cost benchmark on August 26th, 2021 the automotive rear seat will be further analyzed and a component from the buildings and construction sector is to be focused.

Feel free to get in touch with Warden Schijve to get involved by

  • proposing a component of interest
  • providing insights into process chains and production key figures
  • bringing in example costs for specific components

Warden Schijve
Warden Schijve
Design Leader | AZL Aachen GmbH
Phone: +4924147573517
Email: warden.schijve@azl-aachen-gmbh.de

Your individual product cost benchmark or cost analysis 

AZL can also support you individually with a product cost benchmark for your component. The AZL engineering team is experienced in analyzing components and production concepts regarding their production costs. In numerous industrial projects, AZL supports companies to develop their competitive component and production concepts.


Feel free to get in touch with Philipp Fröhlig to learn how AZL can support you with a product cost benchmark for your individual case.

Philipp Fröhlig

Philipp Fröhlig
Project Manager | AZL Aachen GmbH
Phone: +49 241 475 735 14
Email: philipp.froehlig@azl-aachen-gmbh.de