Composite Market and Technology Screenings of the AZL Season 2020/2021

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At every workgroup meeting, we provide you with workgroup-related news on composite markets and technologies of the previous 6 months so you keep on track with business-relevant information: For 5 workgroups – twice a year – 10 screenings per year. AZL Partners can download the market and technology screenings via the AZL Partner Section – all included in your AZL Partnership fee.

Download the Screenings of Composite Markets and Technologies of the AZL Season 2020/2021 at the AZL Partner Section

Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites

Thermoset Composites

Composites in Building & Infrastructure

Composite Pipes & Vessels

High-Performance SMC

If you don’t have an account to the AZL Partner Section yet, please contact Maren Daniels

Soon, we will summarize all composite market and technology screenings in one document per workgroup so you can easily screen all news of the past year for a specific topic.

For more information on AZL Workgroups and the Market and Technology Screenings, feel free to get in touch with Alexander Knauff.

Alexander Knauff

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Email: alexander.knauff@azl-aachen-gmbh.de